Getting The Ball Rolling

The Adalante Con Camp Perry capital campaign has been moving forward diligently in order to deliver a world class camping experience to our youth. Below are a few pictures memorializing some of the highlights of this fast paced and exciting journey in rebuilding our camping home here in the Rio Grande Council.

Making Progress

The construction of our new dinning hall is underway and moving fast. Below are just some of the many things getting done at camp.

  • Plumbing contractor completed the underground plumbing.
  • All formwork for pour one has been completed.
  • Grade beam rebar for pour one is being pre-tied.
  • Excavation for the underground plumbing and electrical rough-ins for pour 2 & 3 is ongoing.
  • Electrical contractor installing underground electrical rough-ins.
  • SpawGlass is securing the construction site with fence paneling and placing signage.


Dinning Hall Ground Breaking

Camp Perry dinning hall ground breaking.

Robert Gates

Former Secretary of Defense and Director of the CIA, Dr. Robert Gates delivered a speech at the Marine Military Academy campus.